Mauser Container Returns

Mauser Drum / Tote Collection Minimums

(Effective 4.6.20)

Poly Drum Only:

  • Poly Drum Minimum:   100 or more serviceable drums (12 for SNF Polydyne Customers ONLY) are required for free collection

IBC Only:

  • IBC Minimum:  10 or more serviceable IBCs are required for free collection

Mixed Shipment: IBC and Poly Drum

  • Mixed shipments require a minimum of 10 IBCs or 100 poly drums for free collection

All shipments must comply with MPS Container Acceptance Policy and RCRA requirements.

Shipments below the stated quantities will still be received at MPS facilities but will require customer payment of transportation.  MPS will assist in providing arrangement numbers and handoffs to preferred logistics providers.

If the above program does not meet your specific needs, please call 800.774.6956 to discuss a collection solution.

Shipment of junk material will require customers to coordinate removal from the MPS facility at their cost.  Repeated offenses will result in a requirement for a payment method to be kept on file or potential refusal of collection.

MPSR will make every accommodation possible to make any fee payments simple, fast and repeatable with either your company’s credit card, a blanket PO, or other arrangements.  As always, MPSR will continue to offer your company peace of mind by taking care of every container properly with the clear goals of environmental and full life cycle responsibility.  Please note that other terms and conditions may apply.

If you have any questions regarding the updated program, please do not hesitate to reach out to your SNF account manager.