SNF Communicall


CommuniCALL is SNF Holding Company’s community emergency notification system for residents who live in the vicinity of our manufacturing facilities in the event of a chemical emergency.  The automated system provides notification to predefined call lists that can be delivered to any telephone or email address.  The Citizen Registration System allows residents to add contacts to the system by phone or via the internet.  Unlisted phone numbers (including mobile phone numbers) may be registered by submitting information via the UNLISTED NUMBER REGISTRATION link shown below.


SNF is committed to the safety of our neighbors, employees, and to maintaining a clean and healthy environment.  We have comprehensive environmental, health, safety, and security programs that are continuously evaluated and improved.  As a responsible corporate citizen, SNF has implemented the CommuniCALL system for community notification.

The possibility of any chemical release into the community is remote; however, SNF has prepared an Emergency Response Plan to cover such incidents.  The plan has been reviewed by emergency response agencies, including the Sheriff’s Departments, Fire Departments, and Emergency Management Agencies.  In the unlikely event of a chemical release, SNF will notify the police and fire departments via 911, and the CommuniCALL system will then be activated to notify the community with appropriate instructions.


If you would like to register your home or mobile telephone number with our CommuniCALL System, please access our Unlisted Number Registration web page HERE.